All the Way to the Ocean

Animation Direction / Production

All the Way to the Ocean is a 2016 computer animated short film based on the children's book of the same name by Joel Harper. The screenplay was written by Joel Harper, Pete Michels, and Douglas Rowell. The film was directed by Douglas Rowell and produced by Joel Harper, Douglas Rowell, and Andres Martinez. The film is narrated by american actress Marcia Cross and features the song With My Own Two Hands by Ben Harper featuring Jack Johnson. The film also features music by Joel Harper and Burning Spear with their collaboration on the song The Time is Now. The film stars voice-overs by actress and activist Amy Smart and Australian musician Xavier Rudd.

LosFX’s role was focused on the visual effects, editing, and compositing of the film along with animating the opening title sequence under the creative direction of Faro Media Group who was producing the show. The effort included three key phases of Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production. The services provided in these three phases included production design and development followed by traditional 2D animation using Adobe's Flash software, and lastly developing the visual effects and final composited scenes for editorial using Adobe’s After Effects software.