VFX On-Set Supervision

REUNION was a thriller/horror feature-length film production collaboration released in 2015. The project was independently developed and produced by a team of talented cast & crew taking the viewer on a thrilling ride centering around a former rock star trapped at home during a heavy stormy night. The mystery unveils when he finally discovers a stranger's obsession guided by a mean sinister spirit. She will stop at nothing until he confronts his painful and dark past in this spine-chilling action packed, life-and-death dramatic thriller.

LosFX’s role on the film included on-set VFX supervision as well as assisting on the design and of the storm/rain practical scenes, as well as the ghost and boiling water burns. We supervised the VFX scenes and placed tracking markers unto set and actors, for post-production. Gathered the lens-grid captures for distortion reads, texture acquisition and HDR photography for IBL in post.