Axe Cop

2D Animation Production

HarmonQuest is an American adult animation/live improvisation television show created by Dan Harmon. The show is part animated, part live action. Dan Harmon and comedians Erin McGathy, Jeff B. Davis, along with dungeon master Spencer Crittenden, perform a fantasy roleplaying campaign in front of a live audience and featured a special guest player. Each episode featured a mix of live and animated footage.

LosFX’s role was to take the live action content of each story and animate it following the creative direction of Starburns Industries who was producing the show. The effort included three key phases of Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production. The services provided in these three phases included production design and development followed by traditional 2D animation using Toon Boom's Harmony software, and lastly developing the visual effects and final composited scenes for editorial.