Sugar Baby

App Development

Collaborated with the innovation agency Makeable and Creative Time to design and develop a digital experience in line with the in-person experience of Kara Walker's Marvelous Sugar Baby. The strategy was focused on achieving the artist's desire to embrace the authentic "response" of her public while preserving the incredible impact of the installation––long after the Domino and the Marvelous Sugar Baby are destroyed. To achieve this, we brought design, technology and the audience together to bring a 3D, digital and interactive experience of the Sugar Baby to life––through their eyes, perspectives, iPhones and actions.

Over the two-month span of the exhibition, visitors were encouraged to photograph the sugarcoated, afro-centric sphinx and share their images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #KaraWalkerDomino. As the photos were aggregated, LosFX organized and rendered them as an authentic 3D digital sculpture that unfolded over the course of the exhibition. Each week, online visitors to the Digital Sugar Baby were able to interact with and explore all the contributions that made up the 3D model that was created by LosFX. Unlike the physical installation and the iconic Domino Sugar factory, the Digital Sugar Baby will live on in memoriam to this public work, the artist, the site, and visitors. Forever.