Andrés Martínez

Managing Partner | Production


Andres is a veteran of the visual effects industry having worked as a key visual effects artist and CG supervisor on more than 30 films and AAA-game titles including 2012, Call of Duty, I am Legend, The Matrix trilogy, Mission Impossible II, Surf's Up, Spiderman III, Superman Returns, Twisted Metal, San Andreas and many others.

As co-founder and head of production at LosFX, he currently manages a very talented team of Animators and VFX artists and technicians for commercial, feature films, and gaming projects.


He also leads collaboration with other studios to deliver VFX projects under tight deadlines while maintaining LosFx’s best-in-class standards.

269 S. Beverly Dr. #559
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Phone Number
646 709 4715